God Only Knows...


Each day comes and each day goes,
What I am thinking, it never really shows,
Some people are far, some people are close,
But who is a friend, God only knows...

Sometimes I bring laurels, sometimes disgrace 
Sometimes they are impressed, but they never praise,
I want appreciation, but I never disclose,
Why people don’t appreciate, God only knows...

Sometimes I am irritated and I cannot bear,
Sometimes people are just not fair,
Justice denied and hatred flows,
Why people hate, God only knows...

Sometimes I am happy and I want a hug,
But all I get is a cold bare shrug,
The need for love, only grows,
Why people don’t love, God only knows...

Sometimes I am sad and I want someone who cares,
But all I get are empty stares,
I need to share, all my woes,
Why people don’t care, God only knows...

Sometimes I am gentle, sometimes I am rude,
Sometimes I don’t know, why I am shrewd,
 I have to let out and anger will dispose,
Why people don’t express, God only knows...

Ignorance is bliss, is only a myth,
Don’t live with it, you will die of guilt,
When you are in love, offer a rose,
When you have ideas, please propose,
Don’t keep assuming, don’t suppose,
Beware of friends for they might be foes,
Don’t take advantage, don’t tread on toes,
A person reaps, what he sows..

So, I suggest you express what you feel,
It is important to know with what you deal,
Machines we have become without feelings to disclose,
Remember we are humans, I hope everybody knows....!!!