The broken doll...

I wept when I read the news today,
She was outside her house, busy with her play,
An uncle she knew offered her a toy,
She never knew that now she will never find joy...

Hands held high and eyes filled with hope,
She did not even know the meaning of grope,
She was inside the room waiting for some fun,
But she was mistaken, coz there was none…

He took her in his arms and undressed her naked,
She shouted for help but her cries were stifled,
She was molested and raped and bloodied she lay,
She was just a 5 year old, they say…

This gave me goose-bumps and raised my hair,
The brutality was more than she could bear,
Bruised and strangled, he left her there,
She was completely broken, beyond repair…

The question is raised to all this time,
What are we doing to stop this crime?
No respite is seen in all this sorrow,
I dread to see the plight of tomorrow……